The Three Hardest to Remove Stains and How to Beat Them

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There is a long list of hard to remove stains, but as cleaning experts, we know the top three! Don’t fret because we have the best possible solutions to these three scary stains and with some help from us and a little elbow grease, we’ll be stain-free in no time flat.


Speaking of elbow grease, we absolutely hate grease and oil stains. They seem to be permanent once they have set, so keep in mind that time is of the essence. When you get hit with a grease stain, place the item stain side down on a stack of dry paper towels and absorb as much of the grease or oil as possible. Apply an absorbent powder like baking soda or cornstarch to the stain, allow to sit for 30 minutes and brush off. Once the oil is completely absorbed, pre-treat with a degreaser comparable to Dawn dish soap overnight and then wash on a warm to hot setting in your washing machine. While it seems time consuming, following these steps are your best defense against grease stains.


Got grass stains on the knees of your children’s pants? These pesky green stains can be really frustrating and persistent. We recommend when you have a grass stain to use your regular laundry soap and an old tooth brush to work liquid into the stain before washing with warm water. If the stain remains, use white vinegar diluted with 4 parts water. This will help to break the stain down even more.


Occasionally a scrape or cut can cause a blood stain on an article of clothing. This can be one of the hardest to remove in our experience. The best course of action is to first soak with cold water and gently rub the spot. You will find that it turns lighter as the blood pulls from the clothing. Always use cold water on this type of stain, and if soaking and pre-treating doesn’t seem to work, you can move to hydrogen peroxide on stubborn spots.

While our services don’t include laundry, we are stain and cleaning experts, and love a challenge. Contact us today to discuss our recurring or one time cleanings!

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