How valuable is your time to you?

Answering that question can be a little tricky. Is an hour of your free time worth to you as much as the rate you would otherwise earn working at your job? Most people think they should be getting paid more than what they actually are, so automatically your time would be worth more to you. Wouldn’t the sheer scarcity of your free time also push up its value, just from the law of supply and demand? Then there are all of the intangibles to consider: “quality” time with people you love or friends you rarely see, the opportunity to try new things or explore an old hobby, or the satisfaction of focusing on the big picture or catching the details of the little things in life.

How much time do you really have?

Americans spend more time working than people in any other country in the world. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we work more hours and have less paid vacation than any other industrial nation. Let’s break it down for a minute –if you’ve got one. With just 24 hours in a day and another third spent on sleep, another 8 hours spent on your average 9 to 5, (if you’re fortunate enough to get off by 5), you have just 1/3 of your normal weekday to play with as “spare” time. But that number is quickly eaten up when you subtract out a couple of hours for your commute to and from work, getting ready in the morning, winding down for bed at night, cooking and eating dinner and doing the dishes. By now, you’re probably down to 3, maybe 4 hours left.

Typically, most of that time is spent doing household management and other things you have to do: chores, yard work, bills, family obligations, picking up the kids or dry cleaning, social engagements, shopping for groceries and other stuff you need. And a lot of spillover time still grinding at the job. After all that, it’s all you can do to tidy up, re-organize life, and get everything back to a normal level of manageable sanity. Then you ask yourself, with a yawn, where did all the time go?

And that’s just the weekday. Weekends are usually spent on chores and catching up on sleep and the stuff left over from the week. On Sunday night, it’s normal to face Monday with the dread of feeling stuck on a treadmill of never getting anything done or doing what you really want to.

But that can all change.

What if you had more spare time? Imagine all of the things you could do, if you just took away one or two of the things you have to do every day or every weekend:

  • You’d suddenly have more quality time,
  • More time with your kids, spouse, family, and second cousin once removed.
  • You could see friends more often, maybe even make new ones!
  • Dinners would be healthier and unrushed,
  • Conversations could be more enjoyable and unstrained.
  • You’d have more time for exercise, leisure, and relaxation,
  • Less stress,
  • “You” time,
  • And finally, time for the activities you really want to do.

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