Many of us struggle with the decision to hire a cleaning person. It seems so extravagant to some. Others, like my mom, worry if anyone can actually clean up to our standards. It might be a matter of trust, awkwardness, or money. Whatever it is, there’s a lot to consider before employing someone to clean our homes.

Just say 'yes' to hiring a cleaning person

Personally, I’ve always used two main criteria: 1) How busy am I; 2) How much ‘’extra’ money do I have. The assumption was that the busier I was, the more money I had coming in, and, therefore, I could justify hiring a cleaning person.

The problem is, I’m now less busy than I have been in years, and have far less money, but my need (or is it a want?) for a cleaning person is just as great. It’s time I face the fact: I just don’t like to clean.

Is that enough reason to indulge in the luxury of having someone do it for me? I believe the answer is yes, and here’s my rationale:

Why should I hire someone to do something I can do myself?

Well, I can grow vegetables, but I buy them at the store. I can cook, but I often go out to eat or have food delivered. Heck, I can do all kinds of things that I hire others to do for me. Why is it wrong to hire someone to clean?

I suppose it goes back to the days of class privilege. It seems wrong to make someone do something as undesirable as clean up after me or my kids. I’m sure few people grow up saying they want to clean for a living when they grow up. But, it’s work. It’s admirable, hard work. My hiring someone helps them to have a job. What’s wrong with that?

What if they don’t clean up to my standards?

There’s nothing that says I can’t clean before or after the cleaning people are here. It just makes my job easier. They may not wipe the baseboards as often as I would like, but if that’s all I have to do this week, it’s a lot easier than cleaning the whole house. And, there’s always the reality that I can just ask them to do things differently.

Should I trust someone in my home?

Word of mouth is pretty valuable when hiring someone to work in my home. If a friend trusts them, shouldn’t I? In this day and age of online reviews, it’s also easy to see what others have to say. Hiring a reputable company, like Immaculate Clean, makes the process even more secure with insurance and background checks for their employees.

Can I really afford it?

I suppose it comes down to two other questions: how much do I value my free-time; and, how much do I care if my home is a mess. For me, I place a huge value on my time to do things with my kids. And, when I’m not with them, or working, I’d much rather be meeting up with friends or doing a DIY project than cleaning the house.

As for having a messy house, I don’t mind stuff as much as I do dirt. I can pick up the stuff in a matter of minutes. The dirt takes a lot more time and effort, and it’s what really bothers me. There’s honestly few better feelings than walking into my home when it’s just been cleaned by someone else.

For me, the answers to these questions justify my hiring a cleaning person. It’s time I do so. For the rest of you, you might have more questions before making your final decision. Visit the Immaculate Clean FAQ to help you decide. Or, call them at 410-549-0727.