In case you didn’t know, Immaculate Clean is a long-term partner of Cleaning for A Reason, a non-profit that helps women undergoing treatment for cancer. We were one of the first proud members of the foundation dating back to 2006. This organization connects us with local Maryland women who are fighting cancer and could benefit from professional house cleaning. For 9 years, we have been providing free cleaning services to the women in our community who have battled for their lives. Taking some of the chores off their shoulders is the least we can do to help.

We have recently received this touching letter from Betsy, one of the Cleaning for a Reason patients. Thank you, Betsy, for writing to us, and we wish you all the best on your journey to health!

cleaning for a reason patient
This is the letter Betsy sent us along with the photo of Bobby & Kelly of Immaculate Clean 


If you know someone who is fighting cancer and could use help with household duties such as cleaning, encourage them to sign up at and get matched with a local Maryland cleaning company.