So you’ve finally decided to stop trying to do everything for everyone, and now you are ready to get some help to maintain a clean, healthy home. Great! Now that you’ve made that decision, what do you do next? You know you want your house cleaned—even better than clean—but you don’t know what your options are or where to start. Don’t get overwhelmed. Here are 5 simple questions to ask your prospective cleaning companies to help you choose the right one for your specific needs.

1) Background Checks

Make sure the company conducts a background screening for every employee on staff. Even better, ask if they conduct a screening through a third-party service. Immaculate Clean Inc. conducts background screenings for every employee through Intellicorp Records Inc (

It’s also good to know if they are certified by an industry authority, such as ARCSI (Association for Residential Cleaning Services International), which screens cleaning companies who must adhere to the highest level of industry standards.

Make sure to also check out what your prospective cleaning companies’ existing clients have to say.  You should be able to request a list of client testimonials to confirm customer satisfaction.

2) Years of Experience

After seeing what people are saying qualitatively, take a look at the numbers. How many years of experience does the cleaning service have? Have they really been in business long enough for a proven track record? How many customers have they served since they’ve been in business?

Immaculate Clean Inc. has been in business since 2004, and with plenty of satisfied customers throughout mid Maryland and with much success in providing services to residents and businesses in Carroll, Howard and Baltimore counties.

3) Who Will Be Servicing My Home

Does the company send a team of people, or just one person? Are the employees reliable, and trustworthy? Will there be any language barriers? Are the employees bonded and insured? If not, as a homeowner, you can be held liable if you hire people who are not covered by liability insurance, or a company who does not pay taxes.

Immaculate Clean Inc. carries liability insurance, a fidelity bond, an umbrella policy and workers compensation insurance coverage through The Hartford Insurance Company. We are licensed to operate in the State of Maryland. Immaculate Clean Inc has no language barriers and we arrive when scheduled and work with integrity to ensure proper care and concern is taken when servicing each home and business.

4) Service Options

Ask the cleaning companies about the service plans that they have available and find out how flexible they are in meeting your specific needs.  Some companies are very inflexible, while others offer extensive flexibility in regards to areas serviced, arrival time, reschedules, and payment options.

Immaculate Clean Inc. offers a tremendous amount of flexibility and control for the homeowner and business. Weekly, biweekly, monthly, and temporary recurring cleaning services are available as well as one time services. Click here to see what you can add on to your regular Immaculate Clean Inc. plan.

Immaculate Clean offers plans to fit into any budget. You pick your price and we help you to customize a service that meets your needs.

5) Customized Plans

Do you have spare rooms that are never used?  A bathroom that gets little use, or a dining room that only gets traffic during the holidays or special events?  A fully customized plan could be just what you need. Very few cleaning services offer customized plans, but if you can find a service that puts you in control of price and of what areas of your home receive service each visit, then you may finally have a freedom you never even knew you needed.

Immaculate Clean Inc. is a leader in the area for customized cleaning plans, offering their Pick Your Price plan. It fully caters to your budget, and is flexible in terms of time and what gets cleaned. It’s simple—you are in control. This way, there is no wasted time or overlapped cleaning, and your priorities are met with efficiency and effectiveness.

Immaculate Clean is a professional cleaning company in Eldersburg, MD that has been providing custom, flexible cleaning services for homes and businesses in Baltimore, Carroll, and Howard Counties since 2004. Visit us at or call us today at 410-549-0727.