Carroll County Cleaning Service

I’ve been spending a lot of time on the floor lately. It’s the only place I can truly stretch all of my aching muscles. One of the many joys of getting older.

As I was laying there today, I started looking around. Big mistake! From the upright perspective, my house seemed rather clean. Definitely not the case from the floor.

It started to make me wonder…what’s really hiding in places I can’t normally see? I decided to get some evidence. Armed with my cell phone and a selfie stick, I started taking pics of surfaces I generally ignore. Here’s a look at some of what I found:

View from above an island pendant

Eldersburg Cleaning Service

From the top of a table lamp

Sykesville Cleaning Service

Close-up of a wall air conditioning unit

Marriottsville Cleaning Service

Close-up of a bathroom air vent

Woodbine Cleaning Service

And, of course, there were the socks, dust and other miscellaneous items under the beds.

Now, I’m not lucky enough to live in the service area of Immaculate Clean. Even if I did, I wouldn’t expect they would always clean all of these surfaces. The reality is, it would take anyone an extraordinary amount of time to clean every inch, of every surface, and it could get expensive to have it done on a regular basis. But, once you get up, and down, and start looking around, you realize it might be time for a deep clean. Another option would be to get an estimate for some add-on services. Of course, it’s always an option to climb a step-ladder or crawl under the furniture and do it yourself.

Now that I’m aware of the dirt that’s hiding, it’s time to get rid of it. Hopefully, the next time I’m on my floor I will not be distracted by all of the dust under the nearby cabinet. The sit-ups and leg lifts are far too important.