Immaculate Clean believes strongly that a clean house and healthy environment contributes to the welfare and recovery of cancer patients. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Immaculate Clean continues to do it’s part.

Through our affiliation since 2006, with the Cleaning for a Reason Foundation, Immaculate Clean has had the heart and soul necessary to help the women in our community during their toughest life battle. Immaculate Clean continues to donate free house cleanings for local women with cancer who are undergoing treatment in their personal effort to fight for their life.

Cleaning for a Reason is just one of many ways that Immaculate Clean gives back to the community that we live in and to the residents and business owners who have trusted our staff and service since 2004.

Immaculate Clean continues to clean for a reason.

Patients and loved ones interested in learning more about the Cleaning for a Reason Foundation can contact Immaculate Clean and/or the Foundation directly