What Determines the Cost of a Maid Service?

Cost of maid service

Sundays are known for a few things, church, football, laundry, and house cleaning. What if you could permanently erase one of those items from your list each week?

House cleaning is the last thing people want to do at the end of a long week, so why not hire a maid? While some consider it a luxury, maids are quite affordable.

According to Home Advisor, the average cost of a maid is between $116 and $435.

You may be wondering how such a range exists for the cost of a maid. It depends on several factors.

Cost of a Maid

When it comes to hiring a maid, there are several ways that a professional house cleaning service may decide to charge. Do you know that maid service cost in Maryland is the cheapest one which starts from $80 which is a very nominal cost but It also depends on the type of services.

If you’re looking for a live-in housekeeper, that cost will be quite different than the cost a maid once a week. In general, though, there are two ways that house cleaning services charge for maid services:

  • Some services charge by the hour
  • Some services charge by the square foot

It’s quite easy to see that the size of your home can affect prices for the cost of a maid. Let’s take a look at these two service fees.

Cost of a Maid by the Hour

According to housekeeper.com, most housekeepers charge between $45 and $60 per hour. On the low end of the pay scale, some housekeepers charge $14.62 per hour, while on the high end, some housekeepers make $86.14 an hour.

This is dependent on the size of the home, location, the type of cleaning being done, and the experience of the cleaning crew. These are all factors that can drastically change the price per hour.

A few of the cities with the highest rate of pay for maid services are:

  1. Los Angeles, California – maids make an average of $37.60 per hour
  2. Pheonix, Arizona – maids make on average $33.74 per hour
  3. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – maids charge an average of $30 per hour

It’s important to note that two of these cities also have a high standard of living, so it would make sense that there is a higher average charge. In the context of Pheonix, Arizona, there a lot of big homes in the area, so that may be factoring in the cost.

Cost of a Maid by Square Foot

If we talk about how much does maid cost for an apartment or how much does a house cleaning cost so some professional maid services charge a flat rate by the square foot. According to Home Guide, depending on the type of cleaning you’re asking for can change the flat rate fee per square foot:

  • Standard house cleaning – 10 cents to 17 cents per square foot
  • Deep cleaning – 11 cents to 22 cents per square foot
  • Move-out cleaning – 22 cents to 33 cents per square foot

To put that into context, hiring a professional cleaning service to come in and do a deep clean on a 3,000 square foot house can range from $330 to $660 on the high end. However, most professional service may cap at a certain rate, say $500.

Take Back Your Sundays

As you can see the cost of a maid service varies on location, the size of your home, and the type of cleaning you need. So what do you say, are you ready to take back your Sundays?

If so, we offer a host of cleaning services in Carroll County, Howard County, and Central Maryland. Reach out today at 410-549-0727 and see what Immaculate Clean can do for you.

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