How to Choose the Best Cleaning Company in Maryland

Have you finally decided to let someone else handle your cleaning duties? Great decision! We bet you are looking forward to all the free time you will get from not having to clean anymore. But before you can enjoy the long-forgotten craft of resting, you need to find a reliable Maryland cleaning company you can trust. Keep in mind that not all cleaning companies are created equal. And price isn’t even the top factor you should look at when choosing a cleaning service for your home or office. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice.

Determine the Scope of the Services

Ask your Maryland cleaning company what exactly they mean by “cleaning.” Some companies might only mop and vacuum, while others will clean your microwave and disinfect your toilet as a part of their routine cleaning. Beware of companies that nickle-and-dime you for every extra service you want to add to your package. For example, things like sink scrubbing and emptying of trash don’t really qualify for extras, at least in our book, and don’t carry any additional cost. Look for a company that offers a variety of cleaning services depending on your needs. At Immaculate Clean, for example, on top of all the service packages we have, we also offer a “pick your own plan” deal that means we will work with your budget to design a cleaning plan that works for you.

Verify Who Provides the Supplies

Have you ever thought that these cheap rates for Maryland cleaning services you are seeing are cheap for a reason? And that reason could be that the cleaning staff that comes to your home or office expect to use your cleaning supplies. Be sure to verify who provides supplies before you sign the contract. And if you care about your health and indoor pollution, also ask what kind of cleaning products the company plans on using.

Check Their Service Agreement

Some companies will try to lock you into a 12-month contract right from the start. If that’s the only option your cleaning company offers, consider looking elsewhere. You can’t possibly be sure that you are signing up for a good service unless you try it first or know someone who did. Look for a company that offers trial runs or flexible contracts that can be adjusted or terminated on a monthly basis. For example, at Immaculate Clean we are very flexible in terms of service schedules and our new clients are welcome to start with temporary cleanings if they are not ready to commit to a weekly or biweekly schedule just yet.

Ask About the Staff

The cleaning company you hire is only as good as their staff and customer service. That being said, keep in mind that the home cleaning industry is largely unregulated and doesn’t require any special licensing, unlike plumbers or electricians. It’s ultimately up to the management to select and train the employees they trust to enter your home. Don’t hesitate to ask the company about their background check process and employee training. You want to make sure the company you choose has long-term, experienced employees who have proven their talents and dedication.

Check Reviews and References

If after talking to the company and reviewing their contracts you are still not sure if they are a good fit, ask them for references or look up their testimonials online. Even when everything looks good on paper, your personal satisfactions comes down to how well your expectations are met. And there is no better way to predict it than talking to other people who already used the service you have in mind. Every reputable cleaning company in Maryland should have a list of clients they use as their references. Of course, no business or person in their right mind would refer you to someone who is likely to speak ill about their services. However, the fact that they have satisfied customers to refer you to, as well as the fact that they welcome such requests for references are good signs.

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