Don’t Leave a Single Streak Behind: The Best Ways to Clean Mirrors

Are you tired of streaky mirrors every time you check your reflection? Figuring out the best ways to clean mirrors can be tricky and time-consuming.

We’ve made it easy with a quick guide to remove gunk like hairspray and toothpaste splatter while leaving your mirrors gleaming and streak-free. You can add these steps to your regular cleaning tasks for a cleaner, brighter home.

Keep reading to learn how to clean a mirror the right way.

Gather the Right Supplies

Your mirror cleaning results are only as good as the supplies you use. The wrong cleaner or cleaning materials leave behind lint, streaks, and smears.

Skip paper towels and newspaper, which both leave behind residue that leaves your mirror dull or streaky. Terry cloths and other cloths with loops also don’t clean well. They’re absorbent, but they won’t likely tackle the gunk.

Stick with a flat-weave microfiber cloth for your mirror cleaning. Microfiber advantages include reducing the need for chemicals, attracting dust and debris to the cloth, and capturing microbes. You might need a few cloths if you have a large mirror or multiple mirrors to clean.

Pre-Clean Spots

Before you do a general mirror cleaning, zone in on the spots of gunk, such as toothpaste, fingerprints, and hairspray. If you leave them, they’ll smear as you clean and cause a bigger mess. Rubbing alcohol applied to a cotton pad is an easy way to clean the spots.

Spray on Cleaner

Once you tackle the spots, apply your cleaning solution in a light, even layer over the entire mirror. Use a commercially prepared cleaning solution designed as a window cleaner.

You can also make your own using equal parts of water and white vinegar mixed in a spray bottle. Vinegar makes a good cleaner because of the acetic acid, which disinfects and helps dissolve grease and grime.

Wipe the Right Way

Grab your first microfiber cloth and fold it into fourths. This makes it easy to have several fresh, clean surfaces as you’re cleaning.

Start wiping at the top from one corner to the other. Use a quick, smooth motion across the mirror. Continue working your way down the mirror using quick swipes, using a zigzag pattern to move down the mirror.

As the microfiber cloth gets damp and dirty, refold it to put a clean surface on top. After you’ve used all of the clean surfaces, switch to a new microfiber cloth, again folding it into fourths.

Check for Streaks

When you’re done, look at the mirror from different angles. Checking from a 45-degree angle often makes it easier to see any streaks or marks.

Tackle those spots individually by spraying a little cleaner on your cloth and wiping that area. Sometimes a clean microfiber cloth without any extra cleaner is enough to remove the mark.

Learn the Best Ways to Clean Mirrors

Now that you know the best ways to clean mirrors, you can tackle all of the reflective surfaces in your home. Using the right supplies and methods can make the difference between a streaky mess and a sparkling clean mirror.

If you’d rather leave the mirrors and all other surfaces to the professionals, contact us today to schedule a cleaning service.

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Dawn Fiscella

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