Cleaning Tips from The Pros: For Families with Children

We’ve brought you many cleaning tips in the past via our Maryland Cleaning Blog. This post focuses on cleaning tips and tricks.  If you have children, you know that keeping your home spic and span is nearly impossible. Hopefully these suggestions will make life easier and give you some time to spend relaxing or spending with family doing something enriching.


Smelly Teen Shoes

If your teen plays sports, you may have some very stinky tennis shoes on your hands. If your Children’s shoes stink up the house, try sprinkling them with baking soda over night. It absorbs the moisture and sweat and neutralizes odors -is there anything baking powder can’t do?



Marker on the Hardwood Floor or Furniture

Do you have toddlers coloring on the floor that somehow left marks and stains, or maybe a tricky two year old created their own masterpiece on the coffee table? Believe it or not you can remove marker stains from wood with toothpaste! Use an old toothbrush to work in the tooth paste and let sit until dry. Wipe away with a wet rag or sponge. Plain white toothpaste works best for removing stains.



Crayon Marks on White Walls

If your little Picasso has drawn a pretty picture on your white walls, try a simple damp sponge with sprinkled baking soda. Work gently into the wall in small circular motion. This will remove most types of crayon marks!



Muddy Tracks in the House

Wait, don’t break out your mop! Dry dirt is far easier to clean than wet mud. Wait for muddy footprints to dry before cleaning, then just sweep up the dirt and blot left over marks with a soapy rag.



Kill Germs

Children bring home an array of germs from school and daycare. Babies also put everything in their mouths making it even more important to keep things clean. If you haven’t already been using your dishwasher as amazing resource for cleaning and sanitizing toys, try it! Most plastic toys are dishwasher safe and don’t forget you can also put toothbrush holders and pet bowls in there too.

We hope we inspired you to save time while keeping your home clean and your family happy. Remember that even if you are keeping your home clean sometimes you still need a little help from a professional, that’s why we’re here, for recurring cleaning, one-time deep cleaning, or fall refresher. Call us at 410-549-0727 or click here to get a free quote!

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