“It’s Groundhog Day, again….”

Break Out of That Seasonal Rut Groundhog Day, the movie starring Bill Murray, has always been one of my favorite movies of all time. In the film, Bill Murray’s character, Phil Connors, is a bit of a self-centered jerk in the beginning, to say the least. The TV weatherman inexplicably finds himself reliving the same […]

Five Ways to Brighten Up Gray Winter Days

It’s January, and another holiday season is behind us. The time has come to un-deck the halls and embrace what comes next: a cold, gray, gloomy Mid-Atlantic winter! Indeed, January is a tough month for a lot of people. In fact, January 24 is actually officially known as “the most depressing day of the year.” […]

Time for Change

When we change the calendar at the end of this month, we’ll not only be changing over to a new year—we’ll be entering a new decade. I, for one, am pretty psyched about this new decade. For one thing, I’m looking forward to being able to call it “the 20s.” I have a son who […]

How Messy Is Your Car Right Now?

A couple months ago, our family was down one car for a few days and I had to “borrow” “my son’s car.” (I use both terms loosely, because, hello—whose name do you think is on the title to that car? Hint: not my son’s.) After my son “graciously” handed over the keys, I opened the […]

Juggling and Struggling: The Sandwich Generation 

A couple of weeks ago, I spent the morning helping my son move into an apartment for his sophomore year at college. Later that same day, I went to the grocery store to do the shopping for my 95-year-old mother-in-law and helped her take out her trash and fold her sheets. The next day, my […]

Carpe diem, summer’s almost over

Okay, my fellow mid-Atlantic dwellers, this is it. It’s August. It’s hot-hot-hot, but if you’ve lived here for more than a year, you certainly realize snow and sub-freezing temperatures are just around the corner. Back-to-school sales are in full swing, sunsets are happening earlier, and dare I say a few leaves have fallen from the […]

Taking a hint from Heloise

Good Housekeeping may sound like an odd choice of reading material for a 12-year-old. But, as an avid reader growing up, often upon finishing the latest Laura Ingalls Wilder or Judy Blume book and feeling desperate for something to read, I would turn to my mother’s copy of the popular women’s magazine. One of the […]

Baby Stepping Towards Saving the Planet

I never thought I’d see this day: My family has run out of plastic bags. We used to have several giant plastic bags filled with smaller grocery-sized plastic bags hanging on hooks in our garage. Back in the day, I wouldn’t even give that stash of plastic bags a second thought. They came in handy, […]

5 Reasons to Get Your Home Professionally Cleaned in May

Think back to what you were doing six months ago. It was November, and most of us were gearing up for the hectic holiday season—baking, cooking, shopping, decorating, cleaning, entertaining… It was the most wonderful—and busy—time of the year. Fast forward to May: the seasons have changed and we’ve entered what I think of as […]