Can You Trust Your Maryland Cleaning Company?

It’s normal to feel leery about letting strangers into your home, whether it’s a handyman, a mover or a cleaning person. It’s good to be cautious, because there are dishonest people in our world. In fact, just recently we came across a story about a local Westminster, MD woman who was arrested for stealing from the homes she cleaned. She stole over $10,000 worth of jewelry and other valuable items while working for a local cleaning company. The name of the cleaning “company” was not revealed in the article. Please know that this woman was NOT employed by Immaculate Clean.


Hiring a Company You Can Trust

You can protect yourself and your property by hiring a cleaning company that has a strong reputation for being professional. There are a few important factors that you should consider when making your decision. Look for the following when doing your research:

Is the company appropriately licensed and insured?

In the State of Maryland, liability insurance, workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance and payroll taxes are all required to operate as a legal business. Immaculate Clean carries extensive policies with the Hartford Insurance (general liability, an umbrella policy, workers’ comp, etc.) and utilizes ADP Payroll services to ensure proper collection and payment of unemployment, social security, federal and state taxes.

Does the company conduct background checks?

Does the company utilize a third-party data provider to conduct comprehensive background screenings? Immaculate Clean turns to the experts at Intellicorp and ADP Screening Services. Our completed screenings are kept on file for every hired employee.

Does the company have an employee training program?

Immaculate Clean has worked hard over the years to develop and continuously improve upon our training program. Video training, along with one-on-one hands-on training are an important part of our ongoing training process.

Does the company retain its employees?

A trust-worthy cleaning company should be able to retain its employees for more than 1 year, as well as have many repeat customers. You can start by asking how long, on average, employees have been with the company and ask if the company has any clients that they have serviced for a minimum of 5-10yrs.

Can the company provide references?

Don’t be afraid to ask for references and speak to those loyal clients yourself. Ask them why they have stayed with the company for so many years. Take time to contact the references, as well as interview the company and see how open and honest they are in responding to your questions.

When you hire any service company, always keep your jewelry, money and keepsakes tucked away. It’s the smartest practice every homeowner should follow.

How Bad Candidates Get Hired

Background screenings, although never a 100% guarantee for eliminating dishonesty, are certainly an important tool in a responsible hiring process. Reference checks and detailed interviews are also important. Recruiting, hiring, conducting background screenings and on-the-job training is very costly and very time consuming, but it is absolutely necessary! Companies that are quick to hire in an effort to service a rapidly growing client base are setting themselves and their customers up for a disappointment and a potential for disaster.

Service companies sometimes skip important hiring practices because their main focus is volume. They will lower their prices to secure high client count. As a result, they most likely sacrifice in the area of responsible hiring practices. They need employees quickly to meet the demands of their fast growth. These companies typically experience high employee turnover, which can lead to inconsistency of service, unreliability and frustration.

How Immaculate Clean is Different

If you are an Immaculate Clean customer, you already know that we have a strong team of cleaning representatives. Our belief is that slow and steady growth wins the race.  We focus on quality, not quantity, and we believe this has allowed us to make the best hiring decisions without feeling rushed to hire someone.  This is indeed how we are different than other companies in our area. And that’s one of the reasons why 5 years in a row, Immaculate Clean has been awarded the Carroll’s Best Award for maintaining a level of professionalism that can’t be matched in the industry. We take pride in our professional team at Immaculate Clean and the service delivered to our clients. We are hardworking, honest and dependable, and our company culture supports this approach.

A relationship of any type (personal and business) must be built upon trust! Without trust, a strong relationship will never exist. Immaculate Clean has been voted Best of Carroll for 5 years in a row for a reason! Give us a call today to discuss your important and never-ending cleaning needs. You can trust the professionals at Immaculate Clean as your honest, locally owned and operated Maryland cleaning company. We have been on the pursuit of cleanliness since 2004, bringing happiness and harmony to busy homes and small businesses.

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