7 Tips for Winter Cleaning

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Cold winter weather means that we are all spending more time inside. So why not capitalize on your time at home and take care of some essential winter cleaning? These seven cleaning tips can help you and your professional home cleaners tackle necessary cleaning projects that will help your household function smoothly throughout the winter and can even save you money in the long run!

Wash Your Blankets and Throws

Winter is the perfect time to cozy up with your favorite blankets and throws. Maximize your comfy time by ensuring your blankets, throws, and even pillows are clean and ready for use. You can simply put blankets, throws, and pillows in your washing machine on the hot water cycle. When using the dryer, try putting in a few tennis balls to help fluff up the feathers in pillows and duvets. Just remember to wash your pillows separately from everything else.

Take Care of Your HVAC

Make sure to change your air filters and deep clean yourself or use a service to clean your air ducts and vents professionally in the winter. The EPA recommends changing your filters every three months. This is especially important during months when you use your HVAC system more often – like winter and summer. Changing your filters and getting your vents and ducts cleaned by a cleaning company can give you peace of mind that the air you are breathing is safe and clean. It can also help ensure proper airflow, which will aid in properly heating your home and even saving on energy use.

Clean Out Your Fridge

Leftover food from the holidays and take-out containers can accumulate and make your fridge look like a disaster. The winter season can be the perfect time to reorganize and clean out your fridge. Start by taking everything out of your refrigerator and placing it into cooler bags. Then use a damp cloth or cleaning wipes to wipe down all surfaces and get rid of crumbs and spills. When you place your food items back in the fridge, you can check expiration dates to make sure everything in your fridge is in good condition. Voila! You have an organized and clean fridge.

Clean Your Oven and Microwave

You are more likely to use your oven in the winter, so it’s the best time to make sure it’s clean and ready for use. Making sure you have a clean oven can also help prevent fires and reduce strong baking odors. And don’t forget your microwave! Microwaves tend to get grimy and dirty over time, and cleaning one can be as easy as microwaving a cup of water with lemon in it. If your oven or microwave are long overdue for a deep clean, don’t waste your time on a lengthy cleaning project and hire professionals like Immaculate Clean instead!

Clean Your Windows

You are probably keeping your windows closed more in the winter to help keep out the cold air. Since you’ll be starting through closed windows, shouldn’t your windows be clear and clean? A professional window cleaning can help freshen up your home and allow for those mild winter sun rays to reach into your house or apartment!

Deep Clean Your Carpets

The winter season will likely bring with it mud, snow, and slush. But don’t let stains settle into your carpets. Instead, make sure to deep clean your carpets at least once in the winter months to prevent an unsightly looking carpet come summer. If you have especially soiled or stained areas in the high-traffic portions of your home – hiring a professional is always a good idea. Let us worry about keeping your house clean, so you can concentrate on what’s truly important!

Hire Professionals

Deep cleaning your house can give you a clean house and help you live a healthier and happy life. But what if you are running short on time, or would just like to spend your time enjoying your loved ones? That’s where professional home cleaners like Immaculate Clean come in. So, give us a call to get a free quote today! We offer Top To Bottom Deluxe cleans to remove the dust, bathroom mildew, and kitchen grime. Just about every busy household has build-up from time to time.

Immaculate Clean Services in Eldersburg, MD

Immaculate Clean offers friendly and efficient cleaning services in Eldersburg, MD, any time of the year! We strive to leave your house spotless and mess-free. We will keep your home clean so that you can focus on the important things like your family. Contact us today to schedule a service!

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