5 Reasons to Get Your Home Professionally Cleaned in May

Think back to what you were doing six months ago. It was November, and most of us were gearing up for the hectic holiday season—baking, cooking, shopping, decorating, cleaning, entertaining… It was the most wonderful—and busy—time of the year.

Fast forward to May: the seasons have changed and we’ve entered what I think of as the second most wonderful—and busy—time of the year. We’re finally emerging from our long, cold mid-Atlantic hibernation and we have much to celebrate. But before we do, we should make sure our homes are in order. Even if you’re just going to have your home professionally cleaned a couple of times a year, the month of May is definitely one of the times to do it. Here are 5 good reasons to call Immaculate Clean today:

  1. Mother’s Day. Moms deserve a break, and they also deserve a clean home! No matter that it’s 2019 and men and women are supposed to be equal—research has shown that moms, regardless of their working status, still do the bulk of the house work in a family. Most moms do this without even thinking about it, and certainly without being recognized for it. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show your appreciation for everything Mom really does, and give her the gift of time by hiring someone else to do the cleaning. Gift certificates are available from Immaculate Clean!
  2. Spring Allergies. It’s the time of year that those of us with tree allergies suffer most, and apparently they are saying this is going to be a particularly bad year for allergies. (Side note: I’m not sure who “they” are: meteorolgists? allergists? the makers of Claritin?) Itchy eyes, runny nose, sore throat—it’s like having a really annoying head cold for a month. A good cleaning will help rid your home of pollen that has been tracked in on shoes and clothes, by pets, and through open windows.
  3. May Milestones. Graduations, proms, school band concerts, award ceremonies—a lot of the end-of-year rituals for school-aged kids are happening now. This means you’ll be extra busy, and you’ll also want to have your home looking nice for photos and for any grandparents or aunts and uncles who are visiting to take part in these special celebrations.
  4. Memorial Day Weekend. While Memorial Day should be a day to reflect and honor the sacrifices our service men and women have made for us, let’s face it—it’s also the unofficial kick-off of summer, which means it’s often the time we break out the grill for the year’s first barbecue. If you’re hosting neighbors or family members, you’ll hope for good weather so that most of the entertaining is happening outdoors, but regardless—people will be using your bathroom and probably congregating in the kitchen at some point, because that’s just what we do! A good pre-Memorial Day cleaning will ensure you’re prepared for anything.
  5. School’s Out for Summer. Get ready, parents! There are only a few more weeks until the kids are spending a lot more waking hours at home, and you know what that means: more messes. I know in my house, leaving the kids to their own devices often led to experiments with Mentos and Coke, slime making, or just generally tracking in dirt and wet grass on their bare feet every day. I’m a big proponent of answering an “I’m bored” whine with a few chores to keep them occupied, but before you’re relying on your kids to scrub your toilet, you might want to start with a clean slate, meaning a spic and span home to kick off summer break.

Whatever it is you’re celebrating this May, let Immaculate Clean help you make this month more enjoyable and stress-free. You won’t regret it!

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Dawn Fiscella

Dawn Fiscella, the President and Founder of Immaculate Clean, embodies the spirit of a dedicated working mom. With a degree in Business Administration from the University of Maryland, Dawn founded Immaculate Clean in 2004 to alleviate the stress of juggling career, family, and home. Under her leadership, the company has flourished, offering exceptional cleaning services across Sarasota, Eldersburg, and various counties in Baltimore. A member of the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International since 2005, Dawn's commitment to creating cleaner, healthier homes is unwavering, making Immaculate Clean a trusted name in the industry.

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