What To Expect

We are proud. We are prepared. We are equipped.


How much will it cost to clean my home?

We offer many flat rate service plans.  Depending on the size of your home (square footage) and the areas of your home that you would like serviced, along with added extra detail that may be of interest to you, our pricing calculator will determine the flat rate service plan and fee that will be most appropriate to ensure success by the Service Team and your satisfaction.   We know how many square feet of space can be effectively and successfully cleaned per hour.   We’ve been doing this since 2004.

When Will the Service Team Arrive?

We will send a courtesy TEXT (EMAIL, OR PHONE also available options) reminder 1 business day prior to your scheduled service day.

Who Will Arrive and Will There Be Any Language Barrier?

During your 1st service visit, we will more than likely dispatch a team of skilled professionals.  A 1st service visit requires significantly more time and attention than a recurring maintenance clean.  In an effort to avoid having to be in your living space ALL day long, we will assign 2 or more Service Reps to care for your home during this 1st clean.  Recurring service visits, however, will be completed by one Service Rep.  We operate a Solo Service Rep environment.  Each of our Service Reps will be assigned their own regular clients that they will serve consistently.   This allows them to build a relationship and a strong routine on every job.   Our clients value the consistency and predictability of our Solo Service Rep business model.

There are no language barriers.  All members of the Immaculate Clean team speak English.

Do I Need to Sign a Service Contract?

No, we do have any contracts to sign.   You can stop your service at any time.  We do ask for a minimum 48 business hour notice of any cancellation or change request.

How Will You Enter My Home/Do I Need to Be Home?

We have strict procedures in place to ensure the safety of our clients, their family, their furry friends, and our staff

We require reliable, safe entry and exit of your home.   We no longer store client keys.  We recommend a key box with code, a lockbox with code, garage code, hide-away key, homeowner.

At our arrival, your Service Rep will knock or ring door bell.  If you or any family members are home, your Service Rep will step back a minimum of 6 ft.  A brief but very important questionnaire will be asked of you (Please note, you will also receive an email at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled visit with a summary of the questionnaire).  This questionnaire acts as a pre-screening prior to entry to ensure the safety of our client and our staff.

  1. Have you traveled out of the State in the past 14 days?
  2. Have you or anyone in the home today suffered from cold or flu-like symptoms in the past 14 days?
  3. Have you or anyone in the home today been exposed to a patient diagnosed with COVID-19?

If the answer is “YES” to either of these questions, your Service Rep will inform you that today’s service visit will be rescheduled a minimum 14 days out.

If the answer to all 3 questions is “NO”, your Service Rep will kindly remind that a minimum of 6 ft must remain between all parties inside the home during our visit.

Your Service Rep will enter with equipment that has been sanitized prior to arrival, using our hospital-grade EPA registered All Purpose Cleaners and Disinfectants, known to help prevent the spread of infection and virus, including COVID-19.

Your Service Rep will wash her hands, and place Nitrile gloves while working inside your home.

Your Service Rep will clean and disinfect all requested service areas of your home, now including all high tough points in these areas as well.

Your Service Rep has a cloth face covering.  It is NOT mandatory procedure to wear the mask while cleaning.  The CDC recommendation is to wear when in proximity of another person with less than 6ft (grocery store, pharmacy, curbside pickup). It is not necessary to wear while working on the job but the Service Rep is instructed to do what is most comfortable for them.

Wearing the face covering while working creates increased opportunity to touch the face due to needing to shift the mask too often

Upon completion of work, your Service Rep will prepare for departure by leaving her service completion form on your kitchen counter or island.  Hands washed.  Exit door securely locked.

You do not need to be home.  The choice is yours.  Reliable entry is required to ensure that your Service Team can stay on schedule, work efficiently without delay to complete your service as well as all other service visits on their schedule with success.

Do I Need to Provide the Cleaning Supplies?

Immaculate Clean provides all supplies.  Your Service Team will arrive, equipped, with all necessary equipment and supplies to get the job done efficiently and effectively.  Our professional line of cleaning products are hospital-grade EPA registered, known to help prevent the spread of infection and virus, to include COVID-19.   Special requests must be made prior to service date and discussed with our Customer Care Team (i.e.:  use of your own vacuum, special floor cleaner, etc.)  We will review your special request before confirming that your Service Team is able to accommodate.  It is very important to address your special requests in advance of your scheduled service visit.   Your Service Team is not able to accommodate late requests (on day of service, upon their arrival).   Our Service Teams are trained on the proper use of our equipment and supplies and we do not want to take risk or sacrifice their success in your home when last minute changes or surprise are presented to them unexpectedly.

Who Provides the Bond, Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation?

We are insured to the fullest extent, with all necessary and very important coverage to ensure the protection and well being of our clients, employees and company.

Do You Vet All Employees?

Absolutely.  We wouldn’t operate without a extensive background screening and vetting process in place.   We have a Zero Tolerance policy when it comes to integrity.

What Areas of My Home Will You Service?

Based on a detailed discussion surrounding your specific needs at the time of hire, our Customer Care Team will gather all necessary details that are needed to make our professional recommendation for most appropriate service plan options.   Important details will be gathered by our Customer Care Team to ensure accurate expectations are set prior to service date.  In addition to our initial clean details, and/or our recurring service details, we will clean and disinfect all high touch points in these service areas as well.

Is There a Detailed Description of the Service Plan Options?  I’d Like to Know Exactly What to Expect.

Yes, each service plan that we offer has a detailed checklist.  It is our goal to set very clear expectations.    If we don’t do this with success, we can’t expect to deliver a service that is satisfying and successful.    Expectations are key to your satisfaction, and our success.

How Do I Pay and When Do I Pay for Service?

In order to book your service into our schedule, a 50% prepayment by credit card is required.    All credit card information is entered securely through encryption.  Your data is safe in our secured system.   The balance of the service fee will be processed on day of service completion.

How Can I Provide Feedback Regarding the Service Received?

Your opinion counts and your satisfaction is our priority!

Upon completion of service, you can expect a follow up within 24 hours of service completion.   You will receive an easy to respond feedback request form.   One easy click and done, plus you’ll have the opportunity to share your feedback in an easy quick electronic format.