Home cleaning is one of those jobs almost anyone can do – or at least so they claim. If you go on Craigslist and search under household services, you’ll find that everyone and their brother is in the house cleaning business from entrepreneurial teenagers to your friend’s mom. As a homeowner, you have many choices when it comes to selecting the right Sykesville cleaning company. And we’d like to offer you a few tips and recommendations when it comes to hiring an independent cleaner from Craigslist.

Not Everyone on Craigslist is a Scammer

First of all, let’s start by saying that not everyone on Craigslist is a scammer. There are indeed some legitimate companies and individuals advertising there. However, scam artists do love Craigslist for its anonymity and abundance of gullible homeowners. If you do find someone you like on Craigslist, try to find whether you can contact them somewhere else. For example, if it’s a company, they may list their website, and if it’s an individual, you may find their Facebook business or personal page. Do your due diligence and research your potential house cleaner before setting up an appointment. Do you trust this person to be inside your home with minimal or no supervision?

Downsides of Hiring from Craigslist

When we talk about hiring a home cleaning service on Craigslist, we mostly refer to the independent cleaners who may be doing cleaning in their spare time or earning a living. You will see plenty of ads from them, offering to lend you a hand with chores or do last-minute move-out cleanup. Here is why it may be a bad idea to hire someone who doesn’t work for a cleaning company.

Difficult to Get in Touch

When you hire someone who doesn’t have an office or a customer service team, you may not be able to get in touch with them later. Whether you have concerns about the quality of their work of want to call them in again, they may get a new phone or not reply to your emails. You don’t know where they live, and they may even be using a fake name, so if something was stolen from you, it may be very difficult to retrieve.

No Supervision and Accountability

A home cleaning freelancer is someone who works for their own benefit and doesn’t answer to anyone else. This means that the quality of work you get is only as good as the cleaner’s personal standards. They are not worried about getting in trouble if they damage your items or if the home is not cleaned to your satisfaction. They don’t run an official business, so it will be hard for you to write a negative review or otherwise damage their reputation. At Immaculate Clean, our cleaning teams follow strict guidelines and know that their actions speak for the entire company.

Slower Pace

How long does it take for one person to clean a two-story home? It can take an entire day! As a Maryland cleaning company, we are able to evaluate the project and send a large enough team to get it finished quickly. A one-man-band type of house cleaner may have to outsource parts of the job if they don’t have enough staff. This means they may involve other people who may not be as careful or as experienced. As a result, you hire one person and get someone else. With Immaculate Clean, you always get Immaculate Clean!

Lack of Insurance

Insurance is purchased by the service providers, but it actually protects you as a homeowner as much as it protects the cleaning company. Most independent cleaners don’t carry basic types of insurance, such as general liability or workers’ compensation. This means if they slip and fall on wet tile, you may be stuck paying the medical bill for the broken ankle. And if they break your Ming dynasty vase, you may have little means to obtain the compensation.

As you can see, although independent cleaners may charge less, they typically can’t offer the customer service and the quality of work that a professional Maryland cleaning company can provide.

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