When it comes to your home, cleanliness does matter. After all, this is where you live. It may be that you are raising a family, and/or fostering pets. You prepare food, eat meals, entertain guests and hopefully you find time to relax inside your home. When maintaining the cleanliness of your home, it’s important that you are using products that also sanitize.

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What Does It Mean to Be Clean?

When you wipe surfaces down with a cloth, how sanitized are the surfaces when you are done? This is a question of chemistry. Bacteria can remain if the products being used to clean do not also disinfect. This isn’t meant to scare you, but to make you aware that what you use to clean your home does matter.

It is important to use products that clean thoroughly and gently while also acting as a disinfectant. . Your home should be a safe and clean place to live.

Quality Products Keep Your Surfaces Safe

Water alone will clean but will not sanitize your surfaces, and harsh chemicals aren’t advisable. It is important to find products that clean and disinfect safely for all surfaces.

When the proper cleaning products are used, there will be no concern of damage to your home or hazard to your health.

Immaculate Clean Maintains the Cleanliness of Every Home while Keeping the Safety and Health of Families in Mind

Immaculate has been in the professional cleaning industry for 15 years. We have spent significant time researching, testing and selecting quality products to be used in tens of thousands of homes each year. Top of line microfiber cleaning clothes, and commercial grade cleaning products, tools, and equipment have all been carefully selected to safely care for our clients’ homes. Our products have been tested and approved for use in hospitals, hotels, and assisted living facilities across the country. Whether you’re looking for an Initial Clean (onetime cleaning), or Maintenance Service (weekly or every other week), we are equipped to do the job well. Immaculate Clean has been on the pursuit of cleanliness since 2004, delivering service excellence and consistency. We’ve earned the trust of tens of thousands of busy homeowners.

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