Many annual holiday traditions are fun and enjoyable, like swapping presents. However, some of them are not, such as cleaning up before having holiday guests. Nearly everyone finds holiday cleaning to be stressful, and a few surveys even show that half of all Americans find this more stressful than anything else about the holidays, including buying gifts, decorating, and travel. In fact, the burden of chores around the home can spoil all the fun. Yet, this need not be the case.

Keep reading to learn 5 useful holiday cleaning tips that will help you relax and enjoy the season.

Why Is Holiday Cleaning A Hassle Anyway?

Holiday parties and gatherings can be quite a bit of fun. However, the messes left behind, with all the spills, tinsel, and food aren’t always so enjoyable. On top of being stressful, holiday cleaning is something that can wear down your health. As a matter of fact, several studies seems to indicated that a clean home is better for your heart health.

The following is an expert checklist of cleaning tasks you can use:

1) Start With Your Entryway:

This is typically the first part of your home that guests are going to see, and you already know how far first impressions go. Entryways unfortunately have an additional layer of grime that other parts of your home don’t due to debris and mud that gets tracked in from outside. Use some soap and water so you can scrub the floors here. Make sure you take any doormats outside to shake off the dirt. Remember to clean your door and doorknob before anyone shows up.

2) Watch The Kitchen:

Holiday gatherings typically mean a lot of food and drink. Of course, guests are going to spend a bunch of their time interacting in the kitchen or just gathering around it. An emphasis of kitchen cleaning will take you a long way towards a clean home. Boiling water is very useful in cleaning out drains. Your garbage disposal might be a secret hiding place of some funky smells. Drop a few pieces of lemon in and then activate your garbage disposal so you get a fresh scent down there.

3) Remember You Have A Guest Bedroom:

If your home is like many others, your guest bedroom doesn’t get used most of the year. Even when the room is rather neat and tidy, it’s good to refresh it when it’s been dormant for a while. Strip off the sheets before washing them in warm water. It only takes a bit of vinegar to improve the freshness. Suck up any dust off the mattress and then also vacuum underneath pieces of furniture that have been sitting around a while.

4) Don’t Neglect The Bathroom:

If you truly want to fight odors and germs in a bathroom, then one quick once-over isn’t going to be enough. Think about using lemon juice to deal with hard-water stains as a means of freshening up the whole room. If you need to deal with soap scum, then mix up ammonia, water, and baking soda. Let that sit in place for several minutes before you wipe away the mess.

5) Put A Wrap On It:

If you want to avoid a lot of the holiday headache, then work in short breaks while the festivities are still ongoing so you can clean up messes and wrapping paper. When the time comes to put away the Christmas lights, think getting some cardboard pieces you can wrap them around. That will avoid those annoying tangles the following year. Contact your local waste management service to see when tree pickup times are. That’s how you can avoid leaving a tree laying around. You can also do this to avoid having your Christmas tree staying in the house until it’s spring.

Cleaning After The Holidays

These 5 holiday cleaning tips should help you enjoy a fresh and welcoming home during the winter season. However, you deserve a clean home every month of the year. If you’d like to learn how Immaculate Clean can help you keep your house clean throughout the entire year, request a quote today.