Most of us have been told since we were small that tidiness is a virtue. For some people, it certainly stuck better than others; there are those who keep their home neat and tidy with everything in its place at all times, while others are a bit more messy, to put it politely.

While everyone has their own threshold of ‘acceptable clean,’ the kitchen is one place where cleanliness should be respected. Unlike a few piles of paper here and there or some laundry that doesn’t quite make it to the hamper, having a dirty kitchen and appliances can be an active health hazard. Some of the many reasons why cleaning your kitchen and kitchen appliances is so important include:

  • Extend the life of appliances. Appliances that are cleaned and maintained will not only work more efficiently, but last longer, saving you money and time. Clean coils, drip pans, and all exterior surfaces regularly.
  • Save money on food. Have you noticed a single bad potato will make others go bad more quickly? It’s been estimated Americans waste roughly 30% of the food they purchase each year. Keep refrigerator drawers clean and remove all rotting food as soon as you notice it to keep the rest edible for longer.
  • Keep your home safer. Grease on the hood of your oven isn’t just unsightly; it could catch on fire. This is an extreme example, but several accidents in the kitchen could be prevented if appliances are kept clean. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to dealing with a house fire!
  • Keep your kitchen an efficient place. A kitchen is essentially a workshop for food. You’ll be able to cook more efficiently and pleasantly if you know what foods are in the refrigerator and how long they’ve been there. Regular refrigerator cleanings will ensure you use food before it goes bad.
  • Keep insects at bay. Unless you want creepy-crawlies coming to dine, wipe up appliances and be vigilant with refrigeration. Crumbs and dried food act as bait when left on cooking surfaces.
  • Stay healthy. A tidy kitchen with clean appliances keeps germs and mold away from food, dishes, and hands. Clean all cooking surfaces, including microwave interiors and stove tops, regularly.

If you need help keeping your kitchen appliances clean, you’re not alone! Contact us at Immaculate Clean for a sparkling and safe home.