The best and most eco-friendly way to stop mildew is…Prevention! Learn how to stop mildew from ever forming, therefore eliminating the need for harsh, toxic products later on. These tips really do work. Whether you have a professional cleaning service in your home or you maintain your home’s cleanliness by yourself, it’s still very difficult to keep that pink and black yuck out of the bathrooms in between your cleanings. Mildew thrives in damp, dark, misty conditions. Your bathroom couldn’t be more perfect as a home for mildew. Here are some suggestions, however, to control the fast growing mildew demons lurking in your bathroom:

  1. Keep surfaces clean. Dirt, grease, body oils, and so forth are like food to mildew.
  2. Keep a squeegee in the shower, and use it on the shower walls, door, and floor after showering. Towel them dry after squeegeeing in extreme cases.
  3. Leave the shower door open or the shower curtains parted after you’re done showering.
  4. Open a window to keep fresh air circulating.
  5. Leave the bathroom door ajar during showering.
  6. Hang the towels so they will dry completely before the next day’s use.
  7. Put a portable fan in the bathroom, and turn it on after showering to help exchange wet bathroom air for drier air from other rooms.
  8. Get a dehumidifier.
  9. Get really serious and install an exhaust fan.

Following as many of these steps as you can will help prevent or slow down mildew growth between cleanings. You can’t ask for a greener solution!

*thank you to Speed Cleaning and Buckets n Bows for sharing this useful information*