Break Out of That Seasonal Rut

Tips for Breaking Out of Your Seasonal Rut

Groundhog Day, the movie starring Bill Murray, has always been one of my favorite movies of all time. In the film, Bill Murray’s character, Phil Connors, is a bit of a self-centered jerk in the beginning, to say the least. The TV weatherman inexplicably finds himself reliving the same day over and over again—Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. It’s only when he starts to use the day to better himself—learning to play the piano and reading poetry, getting close to all of the local people he used to look upon with disdain (“They’re hicks, Rita!”), unselfishly trying to help a sick homeless man—that he is able to free himself from the repetitive rut he is in, find true love, and move on with his life.

When the movie came out in 1993, it spoke to me in a surprisingly deep way. At the time, I was a young newlywed working in a dead-end job that made me feel as though I was indeed stuck in a rut like Phil Connors was. It sounds crazy, but that movie truly inspired me to want to better myself. I got more involved with my community, joining a local civics organization and volunteering my time as a literacy tutor, and I started an earnest search for a new, more fulfilling job. And just the act of taking action helped me to break out of that rut.

Don’t we all find ourselves in a rut sometimes? No matter what we have going on in our lives, at this time of year, when cold, dreary days can seem to be never ending, it is easy to feel like we are like Phil Connors, reliving the same day over and over again. It can help to be reminded that when we do feel stuck, it is usually within our power to find a way to break free of that rut.

To this day, whenever I find myself in a rut, I think about Phil. Sometimes focusing on something new, like Phil’s piano lessons, is what I need: How can I push myself out of my comfort zone and try something new? Or, maybe what I really need is the energy that comes from other people: Who can I reach out to or try to get to know better? Sometimes just focusing on someone besides myself is helpful: How can I brighten someone else’s day or help someone with a problem?

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh start of some kind to break free. If you’re bored with your work, sometimes it helps to change up your routine and come up with a new way of doing things. Sometimes something as simple as cleaning out a desk or a filing cabinet can be a boost.

At home, the monotonous nature of housework can wear us down. Laundry and toilets are always needing to be cleaned; dust and dirt are always reappearing on our floors; clutter is always accumulating. Day after day, week after week, it’s the same thing all over again. The never-ending cleaning tasks can feel like a burden, distracting us from the potentially more enriching parts of life.

For me, periodically coming home to a clean house can be the fresh start I need to help me break free of a rut and to allow me to start to thinking creatively and positively again. If you are stuck in a rut this winter, give Immaculate Clean a call! You might just find yourself breaking free from the monotony as you see your home, and your life, in a whole new light!