The average amount of time spent cleaning each week is six hours. When you consider all of the other things you do in a week, that 6 hours takes up precious time with your family.

Hiring a cleaning service helps you reclaim that time and makes your life less stressful, especially if you’re not a cleaning fan.

When you find a cleaner, you want a service that’s reliable and trustworthy. After all, you’re letting them into your home.

You also want a service that actually cleans well.

Stuck on who to hire? Check out these tips for finding a house cleaner.

Ask For Recommendations

Do you know friends, coworkers, or family members who use a cleaning service? They’re a great resource for recommendations since they have firsthand experience.

Start by asking them which company they currently use. Get their feedback on the quality of the service, including how clean they get the house, how well they communicate, and the overall experience.

It’s also a good idea to ask if they’ve used other cleaning services in the past. If they’ve had a negative experience with a different company that caused them to switch, you want to know so you can avoid the previous company.

Research Available Services

Cleaning companies might offer different services, so it’s important to understand what you need and ensure the companies you’re considering offer those services.

Visit each cleaner’s website and look for a services section. This tells you specifically what the company does.

Some companies might specialize in a specific type of cleaning, such as commercial cleaning, deep cleaning, or moving cleaning. Some offer only basic house cleaning services, while others have add-on services, such as cleaning ovens and refrigerators.

Investigate Online

Do a little online investigation to look for red flags about the company. You can’t always trust everything you see online, but if one company has lots of similar complaints, you may want to avoid it.

Review sites and the Better Business Bureau are good places to check for red flags. If the company has a Facebook page, you can check the ratings and reviews there.

Clarify the Specifics

Verify the cost per visit, how you can pay, and when payment is due.

Check on the terms of the service, especially relating to changes and cancellations. You may have to pay a cancellation fee or give a certain amount of notice to make changes.

Ask if you have to provide the cleaning supplies or if the company provides them. If they provide their own, find out about the type of cleaning products used. The quality of the products and tools used affects how clean and sanitized your home is.

Verify Credentials

You’re letting cleaners into your home, so you want some level of protection should something happen. Verify that the cleaning company is insured and bonded. Depending on the state requirements, the company may need to be licensed.

If it’s a large company with multiple employees, verify that they have workers’ compensation insurance. This covers any injuries the cleaners may have while in your home.

Find A Cleaner

When you’re ready to find a cleaner for your home, take the time to research the options fully. Find a reliable, quality cleaning service that will protect your home and give you the fresh, clean results you want.

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