It doesn’t matter how structurally well-maintained your home is. When it comes to putting a house on the market, one of the main things that potential buyers are going to look for is how clean the building is on the surface. This is because buyers generally feel more comfortable with purchasing a home that they can see has been well cared for.

At Immaculate Clean, we offer services for movers and homeowners so that your home will sparkle and shine when it’s time to go to market. The stress of selling a home is definitely one thing that you don’t want to add to. You don’t have to replace the roof to make a good impression on potential buyers! Here are some things that buyers will be looking for when they step into a house.

  • Lack of clutter. When the home is full of items, the rooms will feel smaller and darker. Give your home a bigger and brighter feel by making sure that it is tidy. You can even rent a storage space for the period of time that you are showing the home and relocate some of your furniture for the duration, making the space overall feel sleeker. Pack up excess knickknacks and accessories. When there is less stuff in the house, buyers will be able to picture their own furniture and personal items in the space.
  • Plenty of light. While you may not live in your house with every single light on at all times, you should make sure to turn on all the lights when you show the home. Don’t forget the little lights in closets and basements. Light makes a home feel more spacious. Of course, lots of light exposes every little bit of dust and grime that may be lurking, so don’t forget to make sure that each and every surface is clean and shining before you bring your house to market.
  • Curbside appeal. Don’t forget the outside of the house. Buyers will look at the exterior and definitely notice cobwebs, dirty siding, or chipping paint. Make sure to power wash and repaint where necessary, and don’t forget to knock down the cobwebs and other accumulated issues.

These things can be stressful, so it definitely pays off to get help from friends and professionals. To make sure that every surface sparkles, odors dissipate completely, and even your windows are beautifully transparent, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Immaculate Clean.