In the state of Maryland, renters are entitled to receive their security deposit back so long as the apartment is clean and undamaged.

In fact, landlords must pay a tenant interest on any security deposit that was higher than $50. In other words, you should get more money back than you initially gave.

Getting that deposit back can make or break your ability to move comfortably into a new place. Without it, will you be able to afford your new apartment’s security deposit and first month’s rent? If not, you’ll need to perform a thorough cleaning and make sure everything is up to your lease’s standards.

Read on for our apartment move out cleaning checklist!

Clean the Floors and Windows

No one wants to inherit stains, ground-in dirt, or smudges from a previous tenant!

Spot clean your carpet for any stains. It’s best to tackle stains not long after they happen but with the right cleaner, you should be able to get rid of even year-old stains. After the carpet is dry, hit it with a high-power vacuum and use attachments to get into nooks and crannies.

Break out the glass cleaner and sponges or rags to clean the windows. Double-check them after they’ve dried to make sure you haven’t created new smudges with your cleaner!

Clean All Appliances and Fixtures

Anything that isn’t coming with you needs to look as close to “new” as possible. That means kitchen appliances like the fridge, stove, and sink. It also means everything in the bathroom from the toilet to the tub.

Fill Holes and Repaint

Depending on your lease, you may need to fill any holes in the walls made by nails or thumbtacks and cover everything with a fresh coat of paint. Filling holes is simple work but make sure that you’re using the right paint color or your landlord can knock you for it.

Dust Everything

Your floors are not the only things that have accumulated grime over the past year or two. Just about every surface in your apartment is a great landing zone for dust.

Pay special attention to moldings along the walls and around doorframes as they provide tons of dust-trapping nooks and crannies. If you want to go above and beyond, consider getting a telescopic cleaning tool to dust your ceiling and ceiling fan.

Hire Professionals

Make sure you pay close attention to your lease as you make your way through the apartment move out cleaning checklist. Some companies require that you bring in a professional cleaning company to ensure that the carpets and other areas have been properly cleaned.

Even if it isn’t required by your landlord or property manager, it may be worth considering. If you’ve lived in your apartment for over a year and haven’t kept up with a regular cleaning schedule, you’ve probably accumulated an extraordinary amount of dirt and grime.

Let Us Help You Complete Your Apartment Move Out Cleaning Checklist

If you’re worried about your security deposit or struggling to meet the requirements of your apartment move out cleaning checklist, let us help you!

We provide top-notch cleaning services at affordable rates. To take off some of the financial burdens, we also provide free estimates so that you can make an informed decision at no cost to you. Request a free estimate today!