If your cleaning service charges you by the man hour, then congrats to you! You made the right choice. All too often, many companies in the industry tell you what they’ll charge based on their guestimation of how long it will take them to clean your home. 9 times out of 10, they realize that they actually charged you too little based on the actual time it is taking them to clean your home. Rather than adjust your price, they will be required to move more quickly to get the job done. This can only lead to frustration for the company and even more so for the homeowner as the cleaners “whip” through your home to get it done as quickly as possible for fear of losing money.

Are they honest?

A company who charges by the man hour (and is upfront about their pricing model) is most likely an honest company who understands that the only way to stay in business, providing a professional service, is to ensure a profit with every job completed. Just as important as profit is reputation, consistency and reliability.

Did they get all the details?

If your cleaning service took time to understand your specific needs when you first contacted them, if they asked you about your priority areas, and was interested in understanding the details of your busy lifestyle, then chances are you made the right choice. A cleaning service that works hard to set clear expectations up front is a good indicator that you are dealing with a professional company who considers customer satisfaction a top priority.

Are they asking for more money?

If your cleaning service charges you a slightly higher price than other services out there, then congrats to you! You made the right choice (most likely).

All too often, people go into the business of house cleaning because it’s a quick way for them to make money. No taxes to pay, no overhead. If the price is too good to be true, it’s too good to be true. A reputable cleaning company is required to pay taxes, to carry liability insurance, to have work comp coverage, a fidelity bond and a license in the State of Maryland (if commercial work is conducted). If your cleaning service is not charging a competitive price, then they are not a reputable, honest company. In fact, as the homeowner who hires a cleaning service, you can be held liable for any damage or injury that occurs in your home IF and ONLY if the company you have hired is NOT insured. Clients beware if the price you pay seems to good to be true. A reputable company will have to charge a competitive price in order to retain good employees, to purchase professional equipment and supplies, and to ensure their service is reliable and safe to their clients.

Did they hand you a contract?

If your cleaning service does not make you sign a contract, then you made the right choice. Why would anyone want to lock into a contract with a company you’ve never conducted business with before? If a cleaning service is confident in their process, in their people and in their commitment, then a contract should not be necessary.

High Priorities

The absolute most important things to consider if you want to hire the right cleaning service into your home are Safety, Honesty, and Reliability. The following items are good indicators of these.

  1. Proof of license, bond, insurance, work comp (and don’t just take their word for it, request a copy of these important certificates)
  2. Background Screenings- ask the cleaning service for the name of the company who conducts the screenings. A civil and criminal check should be completed and on file for each employee
  3. Ask about the company’s employee and client retention rates. The industry standard for employee retention is approximately 2 years. If the company you’re considering consistently exceeds the industry standard, you’re probably talking to a reliable, stable company who treats their employees fairly. Don’t forget to ask for references. The best confirmation for selecting the right service is to talk to their clients, and/or ask for testimonials.
  4. Contract- don’t sign one. If the company requires you to lock into a long term commitment (and then incur a penalty if your needs should change), you might reconsider your decision. Until you experience the service that your cleaning service is promising, a long term contract should be avoided. If you determine that the company delivers what they promise and are consistent, ask them if they offer pre-pay discounts. A reputable company will be open to offering a discount to a loyal client whose trust has been earned.

As a busy homeowner, congratulations on your decision to consider the hiring of a professional cleaning service. You’ll love the freedom but only if you make a smart choice in hiring a safe, honest and reliable service into your home. Contact Immaculate Clean today for more information on professional house cleaning.

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