The time is coming. You’ve got your bags packed, your playlist of soothing music loaded on your iPod, breathing exercises practiced; you are truly ready for this… well, as ready as you will ever be. But then it hits you, you realize that you MUST be forgetting something. You rack your brain trying to figure out what it is. As you do, you look around your house and then it hits you! With all of the stress of the new addition on the way, you’ve completely forgotten to keep up with cleaning your house!

Hiring a company to clean your home before baby arrives is a MUST for any expectant parent. Here’s why:

Babies are VERY susceptible to germs during their first couple of weeks of life.

There’s a reason that birth centers and hospitals strongly encourage that any visitors wash their hands before holding your newborn. Their immune systems are being exposed to many new things at once and are not as strong as ours. It’s much easier for an infant to get sick and when they do, it’s a much bigger deal than people with strong immune systems.

Mommies are tired and exhausted by the time it comes to head to the hospital.

Often, one of the last things on the mind of a soon-to-be mom is when the last time the floors were scrubbed or vacuumed, when the bathrooms were last cleaned, or when the kitchen counters were last sanitized. Moving around can be difficult enough, adding sometimes harmfful chemicals, bending over, and elbow grease are sure to zap whatever remaining energy momma has left!

There’s nothing better than walking into a clean house from the hospital.

How many of us when going away on vacation, dread coming back to a dusty, unclean home. The last thing you want to do is walk into your home and pull out the vacuum or dust rag. Imagine that stress and dread and then add a newborn baby who is up every 2-3 hours and keeping you from getting any sleep! Walking into an already clean house eliminates a worry that you just don’t need on top of everything else. You can walk into your home knowing that all the chores are done and you can just enjoy looking at your new bundle of joy.

A clean home is even more important for homebirths.

The popularity of mid-wives and homebirths is on the rise! If you’re planning on having your baby at home, it’s really important to have things clean before it comes time to push! Your home is going to be a mess simply from the homebirth, you don’t want to start with an already unclean slate. Also, if you have a homebirth, that means that all of the people who would be at the hospital with you, taking pictures and visiting will be in your home! You have enough to worry about with your new baby, the last thing you want to think about is if your home is clean enough for company, much less company with cameras!

At Immaculate Clean, we understand how important and beautiful this time is. We’re parents ourselves. Our goal is to provide you with professional cleaning services that provide you with the harmony, happiness, and peace of mind that only a clean house can. Whether you’re a mom looking for relief or a dad or other family member looking for something nice for your wife to take something off of her plate, our home cleaning services are thorough and effortless for you. Just pick up the phone and we’ll be there to help!