When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look
for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’— Fred Rogers

Our country, and indeed, the whole world, is certainly living through a difficult time. Many of us are isolated at home, missing our friends and family. Some of us have lost our source of income, at least temporarily. Some of us are juggling learning to work remotely and educating our kids at home. We are bombarded with scary reports about COVID-19 on tv and via social media 24/7, and we are worried about our health and about the people we love. It’s hard to escape feelings of anxiety and fear.

We need to step back from our anxiety every once in awhile and look for things to be grateful for. Even amongst all the negatives, think about what is going right in your life right now. Are you healthy? Are you still employed? Are you lucky enough to be isolating with your family and your furry friends? Do you have the technology to stay in touch with loved ones in a safe, socially distant way?

These are all things to be grateful for right now, and I am. But I am especially grateful for the helper—the unsung heroes who are out there on the front lines keeping the rest of us safe and healthy.

Of course, the first people that come to mind are our healthcare workers. I have friends who are Emergency Room physicians and nurses. They are worried about the same things the rest of us worry about, and they also are already reporting that they are dangerously low on equipment to protect themselves. But they still show up and do the best they can. They are saving lives even as they are risking their own through exposure. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude.

I’m also grateful to the people who are keeping us fed. The truck drivers who continue to deliver food to our grocery stores; the grocery store workers themselves, who are working in one of the only places that everyone is still allowed to visit freely; the restaurant workers and owners who are providing take-out and delivered meals—even though it is financially difficult for many of them to stay open without dine-in service; the delivery drivers who are taking groceries and meals to strangers’ houses every day…

I’m grateful for other “essential” workers (as defined by the government, but also as defined by those of us who truly need their services), who, let’s face it, are at a greater risk than those of us who are staying home: The mail carriers and UPS/FedEx drivers. The sanitation workers. And yes—residential house cleaning services!

These are just some of the helpers and the heroes that are keeping us safe and keeping our country running during this turbulent and strange time. But even those of us who are deemed “non-essential” can be heroes right now. We can donate to food banks and homeless shelters. We can sew face masks for first responders and healthcare workers. We can support local small businesses by buying gift cards or ordering take-out. And, perhaps most importantly, we can stay home and practice safe social distancing in order to stay healthy and stop the spread of the virus!

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