The Effects of a Clean Home on Your Health

Why Do We Clean? When most people clean their house—or have it cleaned—they clean with 3 main reasons in mind: Tipping Point: (The obvious reason) It’s just too big of a mess to ignore anymore, and they’re sick of it—tripping over laundry, fishing the remote out of the couch. Image: They’re concerned about image, and […]

$50 Visa Gift Card Drawing Winner

Congratulations to Corinne Uram, the winner of our $50 Visa Gift Card Facebook Drawing.  Thanks to all who are following Immaculate Clean on Facebook.  We’ll be sharing Immaculate Clean news and updates on Facebook….thanks again!

Spare Time?! What’s That?

How valuable is your time to you? Answering that question can be a little tricky. Is an hour of your free time worth to you as much as the rate you would otherwise earn working at your job? Most people think they should be getting paid more than what they actually are, so automatically your […]