Air Conditioners and Air Filters – Monitor Your Home Air’s Quality

When it comes to keeping a clean and happy home, some things could affect your health that aren’t visible to the naked eye. We are talking about your home’s air quality, and you might be surprised how many allergens, pathogens, and debris are hiding in your house in plain sight. Follow this helpful guide to ensure the air quality in your home is up to par.


How Does Poor Air Quality Affect Me?

Poor air quality in your home can irritate your eyes and throat, cause shortness of breath, trigger asthma and other respiratory issues, and even affect your heart and cardiovascular system. Children, the elderly, and immunocompromised individuals are most likely to suffer negative symptoms from poor air quality. But every person can experience a worsening in their health if they do not have access to clean air.

We spend a lot of time in our homes. Even if you go to work daily, you still spend a third of your day sleeping in your bedrooms. Therefore, ensuring your home’s air quality is up to par is an essential part of keeping all your house inhabitants healthy and happy. So how do you make sure you keep the air in your homes clean? Follow these easy steps!


Clean, Clean, Clean!

You can improve your home’s air quality by eliminating as much dust as possible. Use a damp cloth or a dust mop to wipe away dust from surfaces. Don’t forget often overlooked areas like tops of ceiling fans, light fixtures, and tops of doors and moldings.

Vacuum upholstered furniture, drapes, and carpets once a week. If you have a large rug or carpeted floor in your bedroom, consider removing it, as carpets collect a lot of dust. We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, so making sure the air in your bedroom is clean is essential to your health.

Use a lint roller to clean dust from bed headboards and lamp shades. And don’t forget to wash your bedding once a week (more often if you have pets).


Get an Air Filter

An air filtration system in your home can help rid the air of viruses, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants in your home. Other benefits of having an air purifier in your house include:

  • Reduces the risk of airborne illness
  • Relieves your allergies
  • Lengthens your AC’s lifespan
  • Protects your children and the elderly
  • Better smelling home
  • Eases asthma symptoms
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Improves your overall health


Check Your Air Conditioner

Whatever is inside your air conditioner ducts will likely spread to the rest of your house. Therefore, it is important to change the filters in your air conditioner regularly. Additionally, don’t forget to remove your air conditioning vent grates and put them through a wash cycle in your dishwasher. You can also take your vacuum hose and gently clean the areas behind the air conditioner grates. Making sure the insides of your air conditioner unit are clean can prevent the spread of dust and other harmful particles throughout the rest of your house.


Get Help From Professionals

If you are unsure how to best clean your air conditioning unit, upholstered furniture, drapes, or blinds – get the help of professionals! Professional maid services like Immaculate Clean can help you deep clean your home and ensure the air you are breathing is safe and healthy. Enjoy better sleep, fewer allergies, and clearer breathing pathways with the help of our professional cleaners!

Immaculate Clean Services in Eldersburg, MD

Make sure the air in your home is up to par! Immaculate Clean offers friendly and professional cleaning services in Eldersburg, MD, and can help you deep clean your home with an expert touch! Breathe easy with the help of our expert maid services.

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