Cleaning for the Cleaning People

I remember when I was a kid. My mom was a bit OCD, always picking up the house. She even used to rake the thick, orange, shag rug that the vacuum would get stuck on. It wasn’t because it was dirty. No, she couldn’t stand all the footprints it showed.

At some point, mom decided to get a cleaning person. We laughed because it didn’t stop her from doing her thing. She was cleaning for the cleaning people. Or, so we thought.

I’m a grown-up now. Now, I get it. She wasn’t cleaning. She was getting rid of all the junk. She was de-cluttering. There’s a big difference. One involves getting rid of dirt and germs (see more here). The other is about getting rid of all the socks, shoes and clothes strewn across the floor so that the mop can do its job.

Cleaning vs. Decluttering

Some people seem to be neat freaks. Their houses are always picked up with everything put in its proper place. Closets are organized. Drawers close without shoving stuff down. The mail isn’t lying on the table. And, the dirty dishes are in the dishwasher, not sitting in the sink. These are the “de-clutterers.”


Other people are “cleaners.” They have stuff everywhere. Piles of books on the shelves. Papers stacked on the table. And, shoes collecting by the front door. But, there’s not a smudge on the refrigerator door, or a speck of dust on the coffee table.

So, it’s the battle of the “de-clutterers” vs. the “cleaners.” And, in all honesty, we need both. The problem is, who has the time? Or, the inclination? Most of us do what we do and are learning to let go of the rest. We can only do so much. And, that’s fine. Most of the time anyway.

Getting It All Done

When it comes to your house, you need to take care of both. Especially, when you want to entertain. And yes, it’s that time of year. The holidays are rapidly approaching. Entertaining is right around the corner.


So, for you cleaners out there, it’s the decluttering you need help with. There are a lot of resources out there to help. Some reading for your free time: Time to Clean Out the Closets and How to declutter your home?. And, if it all gets too overwhelming, give yourself a break. Focus on the decluttering for a bit, and let someone help with the cleaning. In Carroll County, MD, Immaculate Clean is ready to start working for you.

And, for the declutterers, the task is even easier. Sure, you could look for resources on how to be a better cleaner. Or, you could try to convince yourself that you can do both. But, why bother? Just hire a cleaning service. Let them do the tough stuff. You can spend your time getting the house ready for them to come. Just like my mom used to do.