Have you decided to finally let a professional clean your home? Great choice! Think of the free time you’ll get to spend with your family instead of battling dust and hurting your back. The next step is to choose the right Maryland cleaning company for your needs. Who is it going to be: a franchise or a locally-owned business?

Cleaning franchises do offer some advantages and often have lower rates when compared to local cleaning companies. However, at Immaculate Clean, we think that choosing a local cleaning service is your best option. We might sound biased but we speak from years of experience in the home cleaning industry. And many of our clients who had the chance to compare both options have confirmed that a franchise can’t match the quality, attention and care you get from a local business.

A Cleaning Team that Cares

Because franchises start with a solid business foundation, they tend to experience rapid growth. This causes a shortage of employees and often leads to hasty hiring decisions. While you might think that a job of professional cleaner is so easy anyone could do it, it’s not the case. Think about your own housekeeping experience and how physically demanding and time consuming it is to clean an entire house. Imagine doing this not for yourself, but to meet someone else’s standards.

Communication skills are also vital for this job, because we need to clean the house to your satisfaction. Finding employees who can clean, communicate well with customers and truly care about the job is often a challenge. But local cleaning companies have the extra time and resources to hire the best of the trade.

You Get Custom Solutions

Because many business decisions in a franchise come from someone else, cleaning franchises are often limited in the variety of services they can offer. They are famous for one-size-fits-all package deals that don’t leave a lot of room for customization. A local cleaning business, on the other hand, can be flexible with its services. For example, at Immaculate Clean, we offer many recurring cleaning options, deep cleaning and a few add-ons, such as interior refrigerator and oven cleaning. We work with your budget to customize a cleaning plan that will fit your unique cleaning needs. Can a franchise do that?

Deep Community Roots

When you buy locally produced products or services you are supporting your community. True, a franchisee might also be someone local, but a part of the money they make goes back to the head of the franchise. When you choose a local Maryland cleaning company, you help a local business owner (maybe someone whose kids go to school with yours) grow their business and offer jobs to people from your neighborhood. Reputation is everything for small local companies, as they don’t have the advertising power and name recognition of a big franchise. This is why the customer service and attention to detail you get is typically top-notch.

Did we convince you to choose a locally-owned cleaning company? No matter who you select at the end, make sure to to ask them these five important questions to make sure you are dealing with an honest and reliable company. Local business or franchise, there are bad apples in each pile and it’s up to you to sort them out.