Immaculate Clean’s Story

Founded in 2004, Immaculate Clean was formed in response to the growing needs of overworked professionals who had more obligations than time. Immaculate Clean eases the burden of such obligations by performing time-consuming cleaning duties and services, creating needed personal free time for busy homeowners.

In 2006, Immaculate streamlined and revamped our customer service goals to ensure we were meeting each client’s unique needs. Our continued growth led to the opening of our second office in Eldersburg, MD which became, and remains, our home office. We are proud to say all Immaculate Clean employees—who are the key to our success—vigorously uphold our mission statement on a daily basis.

Eldersburg, MD Cleaning Company

As Our Customer Base Grew…

As our customer base grew, we realized there was a huge need for a professional cleaning service who did more than just clean. With so many choices of services, from the individual cleaner (“trunk slammer”), to the large franchised business, there was a need for a reliable, honest, and customer-oriented cleaner. And over the years, it has been our goal to meet that need.

Fast-Forward to Now

Customer response has been tremendous and our customer loyalty has enabled Immaculate Clean to steadily grow over the years. With the entire staff of Immaculate Clean sharing our vision of superior quality and unparalleled customer service, we are confident we are headed for continued success.

It’s time to get harmony in your home by taking cleaning off your plate. It’s time to come home to an Immaculate Clean home!