Anyone with a bucket and a mop can clean your home or small business, but working with Immaculate Clean is different. Immaculate Clean takes pride in what we do and works to not only be an honest cleaning company, but the leading cleaning company in our area. Our values, standards, and business philosophy sets us apart from the competition and allows us to deliver an honest clean to your home or small business.

We are Professional.

There’s nothing worse than hiring a service provider and having them show up late or not at all. We believe that there’s a better way, which is why we always arrive on your scheduled day of service. While we are working in your home or business, we treat our clients with respect, caution and care.

We are Insured.

As a professional and reputable service provider, we work hard to prevent issues while on the job through proper training of our process and use of equipment and supplies . Unfortunately, accidents do occur. We have insurance policies in place to protect the clients, our employees and our company. We wouldn’t operate our business any other way. Hiring a service provider who does not carry proper business insurance can place a homeowner and/or business owner in a vulnerable position. A client can be held liable for a service provider who has an accident or injury while they are servicing your home or business. Immaculate Clean carries proper insurance policies (General Liability, Work Comp, Fidelity Bond) through The Hartford.

Slow and Steady Growth.

From all of the employee applications that we receive, we try our best to hire carefully. Each of our customer service team members is screened for a clean background. We also believe that it is very important that our employees become the very best at what they do which is why every employee receives ongoing training. Doing a good job is important and it is just as important that our service teams are kind, friendly, honest, caring and efficient while at work in your home or small business.

We are Affordable.

A key part of our business is trying to offer service to all who need it. This is the reason why we offer FREE CLEANING to women undergoing treatment for cancer. As an active member of the Cleaning for a Reason Foundation, Immaculate Clean is able to give back to the community where we reside and operate. In addition, we work with our clients to design a service that meets their needs and also fits into their household budget. This is revolutionary in the industry and allows us to offer customized service offerings. Our custom service plans have proven to be a successful way to meet the varying cleaning needs of our clients while also staying within each client’s personal household budget.

It’s important to Immaculate Clean to be a leader in the industry. We strive to operate in the most professional manner by following an effective cleaning process, utilizing high quality equipment and supplies, and hiring and retaining honest employees who are reliable, dependable, kind and caring. Whether you’re having issues with your current cleaning company or interested in bringing a little more harmony and happiness into your home or business, contact us today. Let the professionals at Immaculate Clean ease your never ending burden of cleaning. Since 2004, the professionals at Immaculate Clean continue on our pursuit of cleanliness. It’s what we do and we strive to do it well!