Before you know it, the holidays will be here. The season can be very exciting, or it can be very stressful. It’s up to you! Depending on how you handle the next 3 months will determine the level of stress that you will experience.

TIP #1: Do not organize the “behind the scenes” mess. There’s no time now. Just take the piles of paperwork (but don’t forget to pay the bills), old clothes and miscellaneous stuff that piles up, and place them in boxes that can easily be tucked away in a closet, garage or basement. Mark them as “WINTER 2013-TO DO”. Once the holiday season comes to an end, you’ll have plenty of long winter nights to empty out those boxes. Make sure not to tuck the boxes so well away that you then forget about them. Clear the clutter so you can think straight, and then you can move on to TIP #2.

TIP #2: Clean your house. There is absolutely nothing better than starting the holiday season with a clean home. A person’s energy level can improve and the motivation to take on new tasks will result when your home is clean from top to bottom. You’ll be amazed!

TIP #3: Don’t procrastinate – schedule enough time to get the cleaning job done. Plan for an early Saturday morning wakeup, enjoy a healthy breakfast, put your least favorite clothes on, and get to work! Make sure you have all the necessary supplies to do the job properly and easily. If you’ve been consistent in maintaining your home, you can expect to spend 4hrs +/- to clean your home properly, by yourself. This includes bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, hallway, stairs and all living areas. Depending on the size of your home, what you have in your home, and how well everyone stays out of your way on cleaning day, you can bet on a minimum 4 hrs to get the overall job done. You’ll need additional time if you want to focus on the important details (baseboards, blinds, ceiling fans, light fixtures, carpet edges, top of fridge, interior of the oven, furniture dusted, floors washed/not wiped, etc.).

Have you peeked behind/under your bed lately? You won’t believe what you find!

The important thing is to schedule your time in advance to ensure that the job is completed in full. Don’t drag it out. Do all the big jobs in one day. The “everyday messes” won’t feel so overwhelming once the big cleaning job is complete.

TIP #4: Have a plan.  Make a list of the details that you want to complete. You really don’t need to organize or wash the inside of cabinets at this time. Rather, spend time cleaning the outside of your cabinets. Focus on removing that buildup of soap scum and mildew in your showers and tubs. Start breathing better by removing the months of dust that has built up in every corner and on every surface. Have you taken notice of the black gunk that lives under and along your glass shower doors and tracks? Pink is pretty but not when it’s found in your grout or toilet. If you have pink, then mold and mildew is growing.

When your home is full of family and friends this holiday season, you will finally be able to enjoy their company without the added stress.

TIP #5: Now that you have a clean house and a clear head, start making your lists for gifts to be purchased, your favorite meals to be served. Make your grocery list(s) for your holiday meals, and schedule time in advance for the shopping and the cooking/baking.

TIP #6: Start decorating! It really can be fun especially if you’ve followed TIPS #1- 5.

TIP #7: Relax and enjoy this holiday season!

TIP #8: If you haven’t found the time to follow TIP #1-7, consider calling Immaculate Clean Inc. immediately! Our professionals are here to help. It’s what we do! 410 549-0727