Even if you had never heard of spring cleaning, you would probably wake up one sunny spring day with an urge to scrub your house clean of all the winter blues. There is something liberating about getting rid of clutter, wiping off old dust and opening up the windows to let the fresh spring air in. It can also be intimidating to approach such a massive task on your own. As a Maryland cleaning company, we know like no one else how much effort goes into cleaning. We’ve put together these tips to help you make your spring cleaning a success.

Be Realistic

Spring cleaning is known as an annual cleaning of your home from top to bottom. However, you are free to make your own spring cleaning ritual! You don’t have to climb up in the attic and vacuum all the cobwebs. Nor do you have to power-wash the siding or your concrete patio. If you have limited time and a lot of house, focus on the living areas. Put your efforts where they will matter most for the daily lives of your family members. They wouldn’t care much for a clean attic, but an organized pantry free of expired products can potentially save someone from food poisoning.

Outsource Smart

Going back to being realistic—even if you downsize the scope of spring cleaning to a manageable size, it’s unlikely you can get everything done in one weekend by yourself. You can certainly stretch spring cleaning over a few weeks, but you know better than us that this never works as planned. When things keep getting put off, they usually never get done.

The solution? Outsource! Not all cleaning chores require your personal attention. Some chores can be successfully delegated to a local cleaning company you can trust, including such things as:

  • interior and exterior refrigerator cleaning
  • interior oven and microwave cleaning
  • carpet and rug cleaning
  • general dusting
  • cleaning of the floors and baseboards
  • bathroom cleaning, etc.

Essentially, all “mechanical” cleaning action can be delegated to a professional. At Immaculate Clean, we call it “deep cleaning” and can customize it depending on your needs.

Focus on What Can’t Be Done Without You

We’ve talked about focusing on the areas of the home where you can make the biggest impact with spring cleaning. Now let’s discuss the tasks that need your attention the most. As we’ve established, you can easily outsource the scrubbing, the washing and the wiping to your local cleaning company in Carroll County, Maryland. You don’t even have to be home for us to make it sparkling clean the way you like it. What you should focus on instead are decision-based tasks that require your personal attention. If you don’t say “yes” or “no,” these things will never get done:

  • Going through your closet and picking ill-fitting clothes to donate.
  • Going through the boxes in your basement to determine what to throw away and what to sell.
  • Taking off winter bedding, curtains and throws to wash and store for the season.
  • Washing and putting away winter clothes and shoes; replacing them with summer outfits.
  • Contacting your HVAC guy for a seasonal equipment checkup.
  • Inspecting the inside and outside of your home and making a list of needed repairs.
  • Organizing the unruly Tupperware shelf, pantry or medicine cabinet.

These are just a few examples, but you get the idea. Instead of putting on rubber gloves and an apron, put on your thinking cap. That way you can take care of important stuff while we do the cleaning for you.

Call us or contact online if you need a hand with your spring cleaning project.