items to add to your spring cleaning list

It’s April, which means it’s the prime season for spring cleaning, and spring cleaning may mean different things to different people. However, we can probably all agree that spring cleaning calls for more elaborate and in-depth cleaning than what most of us do on a weekly basis. Spring cleaning is when we vacuum behind furniture and wipe that century-old layer of dust from the top of the fridge. At Immaculate Clean, we thought that this time of year you may also want to address these notable dirt magnets as you are running around the house in a cleaning frenzy. From our experience as a Maryland home cleaning company, these items could use cleaning in most households.

Bed and Bedding

That feeling you get when you climb into a freshly made bed wouldn’t be that great if you knew what’s going on underneath the sheets. Sure, you wash them regularly, but your sweat, body oils and dead cells easily make their way underneath the sheets into your mattress and pillows. And that’s where dust mites feast on these dead skin cells, producing allergens and making you sneeze. What do you do about it? Even if it’s just once a year during spring cleaning, give your bed and bedding a good cleaning:

  • Vacuum the mattress
  • Wash your mattress cover if you have one or get one if you don’t
  • Wash or replace your pillows if you’ve had them for 2 years or longer
  • Consider replacing your comforter or purchasing a duvet cover if you don’t have one
  • Vacuum underneath the bed, especially if you have carpet and pets that like to sleep under there

Pet Stuff

We love our pets, but let’s face it: they are a constant source of hair, slobber and dirt in your home. You enter this unspoken agreement when you get a pet, but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to keep your home clean if you have pets. You just need to develop a cleaning routine—or get help of a local cleaning company—and you’ll have no problem keeping pet dander and hair at bay. And when it comes to spring cleaning, don’t forget to take care of various pet items around your home that could use a deep cleaning:

  • Wash pet bedding if it’s removable; if not, consider if it’s time to replace the bed or cover
  • Clean pet toys and toy containers in hot water
  • Scrub clean pet food containers and vacuum/clean pet food area
  • Disinfect litter boxes and replace if needed
  • Give your pet a bath or a good brushing to remove any loose hairs coming off the winter coat

Exercise Equipment

Do you or anyone in your family exercise or play sports? If yes, then how much cleaning do those weights, yoga mats, sweat bands, duffel bags and protective gear get on a regular basis? Probably not much. Meanwhile, sweat is a great breeding environment for bacteria, and foam and fabrics offer plenty of surface area for bacteria to contaminate and lodge into. Spring cleaning is a great time to sort through all of your exercise gear and equipment and give them a good cleaning. Here is what you do:

  • Wash everything washable in hot water; soak it beforehand if it looks like it’s been a while since the last wash. Those shin pads and knee braces can absorb a lot of sweat after just one use.
  • Make sure everything you washed is fully dried before you put it away. If it can’t be dried in the dryer, hang it outside on a nice, sunny day.
  • Weights can be washed in the sink with soap or wiped clean with rubbing alcohol if they are too heavy for the sink. Make sure to remove any removable parts first and then fully dry each item.
  • For your yoga mat, use your preferred cleaning solution to wipe the mat clean.

Does all of this look like a lot of work? It is a lot of work indeed, especially if you are doing everything yourself. But you don’t have to! Focus on taking care of the things that only you can, like sorting, organizing or getting rid of old stuff. And allow us to give you a hand with the actual cleaning and dusting. Our deep-cleaning services at Immaculate Clean can be tailored to meet your unique cleaning needs. Give us a call or contact online to schedule a cleaning!